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Preservation and Binding Services

Excel Binding offers on-site servicing and unsurpassed expertise in every binding technique:

Look for these signs of trouble:

Loose Pages – or sheets that have fallen away from the binding.

Worn Corners – cracking and breaking of sheets usually begin here, where pages are most often turned and handled.

Floppy binding – indicates that the original book straps have broken and pages will soon begin to come loose.

Worn or damaged hubs – signs that the binding construction is weakening.


Before view
Rebinding of books - Before Hinging


New canvas jackets
Rebinding of books-after<br />



Prescribed for old, valuable pages or documents that have become tattered, brittle, broken or faded; or when the book’s weight and size become an issue.

Our standard laminating film is a premium low-temperature Polyester Matte film. It is selected for its durability and high-resolution, but thin enough to minimize any added thickness to a book.



The remedy for books whose pages have broken away from the binding or covers are beyond preserving, but whose pages are whole and sound.

In this process, we laminate only the binding edge of each sheet, at a cost significantly less than full lamination. The pages are then punched, centered and installed into a new post binder, designed specifically to suit the book’s application. As with all our binders, standard gold-foil stamping and ink printing are included at no additional charge.


Replacement Canvas Jackets
Hand tailor made

Recommended for books that become loose or “floppy” within their covers, and where laminating and hinging is not necessary.

Often it is not necessary to discard the original covers of a record volume in order to preserve a book’s integrity. By reconstructing the text block and covers, a record book can be preserved in its most original form.


Leather-back rebind

The solution for books whose spines have partially torn away or fallen off completely.

With few exceptions, the original back or spine that has fallen off a typical courthouse book is by far its own recommended replacement. The procedure to recover and reattach the separated backs with quality leather has been an established method for good reason.

The original construction instilled in these majestic counterparts maintains the means and strength to protect the bindings. The hubs, also, are essential in protecting the binding from normal stress and wear.