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Enduro Cabinets

Plat filing and storage is a necessary part of your office organization. For the ultimate in plat storage, the ever-popular Enduro plat cabinet is the affordable answer. When security is a must, when you want the finest, the Enduro plat cabinet meets all the requirements.

This efficient, easy-to-use system eliminates bulky, difficult to carry books, and replaces them with a system that incorporates lightweight envelopes to hold you plats. This affords your staff the freedom and flexibility of removing one plat envelope at a time, for updating, referencing or photocopying.

Smart styling, functional design and rugged durability are all features of Enduro plat cabinets. The office time you will save, will pay for this system.


  • Easy indexing system
  • Sturdy all welded steel construction
  • Perma envelopes and hangers easily slide and never jam
  • Tracks are self-lubricating ABS plastic
  • Perma envelopes hold two plats back to back making photocopying easier
  • Fire resistant
  • Fully warranted

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